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Restaurant uses custom-made brass plates to retain temperature of meat


Beefy goodness: A medium serving of Black Angus beef with a knob of butter for added flavour at Angus House.
TO ensure diners get their serving of steak at grill temperature, Angus House uses brass plates to serve the cooked meat.

According to Angus House manager Julian Koay, the custom-made brass plates from Japan help retain the temperature of meat or seafood items which are charcoal-grilled.

"Brass plates are good heat conductors.

"When the steak comes off the grill and placed on the brass plate, it gives off the sizzling effect," he said.

The dramatic sizzle is always exciting to witness but the experience enhances when diners bite into the steak, done to your preference.

Angus House is a venue that promotes international cuisine with a Japanese touch thrown in.

Its steaks, seafood and salads are complemented by Japanese flavours whereby some salads are laced with Japanese wafu dressing while the unconventional steak sauce has Japanese soya sauce, Fuji apple, radish and mirin to create a tangy sweet taste.

Not to worry if you prefer a familiar tasting sauce as the outlet has mushroom and black pepper sauces on stand by.

To get acquainted with the dinner fare at Angus House, Koay began our dinner with a simple Japanese Style Green Salad and savoury Pumpkin Soup.

The star attraction came in the form of a nicely caramelised piece of Pan Seared Foie Gras with Port Wine Sauce that was fragrant, creamy and silky smooth.

East and west: The restaurant serves international cuisine with a Japanese touch.

Julienne slices of deep fried leek added a little crunch to the foie gras experience which was lovely with a glass of red wine.

Koay walked us through the gourmet menu which listed out Rack of Lamb with Apple Shoyu Sauce (RM83), Grilled US Black Cod Fish (RM74) and Charbroiled Master Kobe - Tajima-gyu (priced at RM280 for 200gm, RM340 for 250gm and RM400 for 300gm).

It was surprising to find out that the outlet's famed Master Kobe was out of stock on our dinner date so instead, Koay treated us to a taste of 200 days old grain fed Black Angus beef.

Koay said the steak was marinated for 24 hours with carrot, onions and salt as the acid in the onions helped tenderise the meat further while the carrot laced it with natural vegetable sweetness.

Unlike the Black Angus, Koay said the Master Kobe and Wagyu steaks required no marinating as these were only sprinkled with salt and lightly grilled for a few minutes.

"The Master Kobe and Wagyu do not need much seasoning as they are 450 days grain fed with high quality marbling.

"We keep the marinade for the Master Kobe and Wagyu simple and basic because this way, diners get to taste the meat without it being masked by other flavours," Koay said.

To get a taste of seafood off the grill, Koay brought out an aromatic and perfectly-cooked Grilled US Black Cod Fish savoured with Apple Shoyu Sauce.

Besides steaks and seafood, the outlet also has a variety of pasta dishes on its menu.

Angus House has been operating for 10 months with outlets in Singapore, Jakarta and Surabaya.

ANGUS CHARCOAL STEAK HOUSE, Level 6, 6.44 & 6.45, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. (Tel: 03-2145 6015) Business hours: 11.30am till 10.30pm daily.


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