23 April, 2009

[resto-indonesia] Re: [mediacare] Indonesia renames Buddha Bar after protests

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Indonesia renames Buddha Bar after protests

Jakarta - The Indonesian outlet of the hip Paris-based Buddha Bar said Wednesday that it had changed its name after protests by Buddhists who complained that the name was sacrilegious.
The restaurant and lounge has been renamed Bataviasche Kunstkring after the Dutch-era building that houses it after a request from the Religious Affairs Ministry, manager Henry Marheroso said.

"There's been no change in concept or design because there's no regulation banning it," Marheroso said.

The move is unlikely to satisfy the Anti-Buddha Bar Forum, a group of Buddhists who oppose the use of the name Buddha and religious symbols.

"We want the management to change the name and take all Buddhist attributes out of the nightclub," forum leader Kevin Wu was quoted as saying in the Jakarta Post.

Jakarta became the first South-East Asian city to have a Buddha Bar late last year, joining major international cities like London, New York and Dubai.

The franchise is partly owned by a daughter of former Jakarta governor Sutiyoso.

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